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World Cup of Travel: Spain vs. The Netherlands

The FIFA World Cup will be settled Sunday. We'll settle which country in the final is the best travel destination right now. Let's go to Robert Reid's chart.

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Jersey Girl

Jersey Girl REUTERS/Christine Grunnet

Abbie Kozolchyk finds herself on an unlikely quest to buy soccer jerseys from Bolivia to Bhutan

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‘Is There a Place We Can Watch Television in the Camp?’

In Slate’s latest Well-Traveled series, Robin Shulman tours South Africa in the midst of World Cup madness. The latest installment? Watching France lose to Mexico from a Kruger safari camp. It’s a good read.

World Travel Watch: Floods in China, Train to Machu Picchu Resumes and More

Larry Habegger rounds up global travel news

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The Evocative Game

The Evocative Game Adnan Abidi/Reuters

On a traveler's divided loyalties during the World Cup

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World Cup Reads: Soccer in Africa and Beyond

The start of the World Cup has many of us thinking about great books on soccer. For that reason, we’ve dug up a feature we did a few years ago, Soccer: Three Great Books, which highlights a few of our favorites.

Beyond that, Flavorwire offers up a globally minded soccer reading list.

And on his site, World Hum contributor Frank Bures also shares his two-part list; the first covers soccer in England, Italy, Atlanta and beyond, while the second focuses on soccer in Africa.

(Flavorwire list via The Book Bench)

Interview With Steve Bloomfield: World Cup 2010 and ‘Africa United’

Interview With Steve Bloomfield: World Cup 2010 and ‘Africa United’ Sarah Elliott

Frank Bures speaks to the author of a new book about the World Cup and Africa

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Travel Movie Watch: ‘Pelada’

When I interviewed Gwendolyn Oxenham and Ryan White in 2007 they were packing for Trinidad, the first stop in a journey to play pick-up soccer around the world. They, along with Rebekah Fergusson and Luke Boughen, planned to chronicle their experiences in a documentary.

More than two years later, a rough cut of their film is finished. Soon they’ll be pitching “Pelada” to film festivals. In the meantime, here’s the trailer: 


Gwendolyn Oxenham and Ryan White: ‘The Soccer Project’

Gwendolyn Oxenham and Ryan White: ‘The Soccer Project’ Photos courtesy of The Soccer Project.

The pair is part of a team playing pick-up soccer around the world. They plan to turn their experiences into a documentary. Michael Yessis talks to them about the power of the game to unite and taking to the pitch in Brazil with real bulls.

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‘The Soccer People’: Heartbreak and Triumph in Clarkston, Georgia

Photo by Arne Müseler, via flickr (Creative Commons).

We write often about how soccer explains the world. Here’s another post, one that tells the story of an amazing soccer team based in a small town near Atlanta. Team name: The Fugees. “The Fugees are indeed all refugees, from the most troubled corners—Afghanistan, Bosnia, Burundi, Congo, Gambia, Iraq, Kosovo, Liberia, Somalia and Sudan,” writes Warren St. John in a front-page story in Sunday’s New York Times. “Some have endured unimaginable hardship to get here: squalor in refugee camps, separation from siblings and parents. One saw his father killed in their home.”

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