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How to Cross the Street in Rome

rome street Photo by stanrandom via Flickr, (Creative Commons).

Walking across a busy street in Italy's capital is no easy feat. It's an art, and as David Farley explains, you need some serious sprezzatura.

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How to Eat Peking Duck in Beijing

peking duck Photo by avlxyz via Flickr, (Creative Commons).

It's a feast fit for emperors. But as Diana Kuan explains, there's more to devouring the iconic dish than you might think.

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How to Wear a Sari in India

It's not as complicated as it might appear. Anita Rao Kashi reveals what it takes to get the elegant traditional Indian dress just right -- and to get the right one for you.

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How to Road Trip Like Kerouac (and Stay Out of Trouble)

If you want to hit the road like Jack Kerouac and live to tell about it, you'll want to choose your inspiration from "On the Road" carefully. Jim Benning offers tips.

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How to Sing Karaoke in Japan

karaoke Photo by Matt Ryall via Flickr, (Creative Commons).

The Land of the Rising Sun gave the world the late-night sing-along. But in its birthplace, there's more to karaoke than butchering anime theme songs in crowded bars. Karin Ling explains.

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How to Eat Weisswurst in Munich

weisswurst Photo by Chris Gray

It's hard to find a restaurant in the German city that doesn't serve weisswurst. But it's said that the white sausages should never hear the noon church bells. Chris Gray explains.

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How to Dig Dim Sum in Hong Kong

dim sum Photo by Valerie Ng

No visit is complete without indulging in the breakfast and lunch specialty. Valerie Ng explains the difference between cha siu bao and daan taat -- and where to dip your Chinese donut.

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How to Down a Pint in a Real Irish Pub

guinness Photo by Cheryl Donahue.

There's more to it than simply bellying up to a bar and ordering a beer. Cheryl Donahue explains how to become a first-class punter (and if you think we're talking football you really need this).

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How to Use a Squat Toilet

squat toilet Photo taken at Angkor Wat, Cambodia by Mariann Lawrence

Frank Bures blows the lid off one of the most taboo subjects in travel: how to squat and wipe.

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How to Find Good Gelato in Italy

gelato Photo by David Turner.

No trip to Italy is complete without savoring a little gelato, but all gelato is not created equal. Valerie Ng reveals how to find the best and avoid the mediocre. (Hint: don't let bright colors fool you.)

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Tags: Food, Gelato, Europe, Italy

How to Eat the Cake of Kings in Austria

quad cake Photo by Pam Mandel.

In Austria, home of history's biggest proponent of cake eating, Marie Antoinette, the ubiquitous sweet has evolved into a grand tradition. Pam Mandel dishes on making the most of kaffee und kuchen.

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How to Tilt Your Head Like an Indian

A well-placed "Namaste" or "As-Salaam-Alaikum" might get a conversation started in India, but subtly tilting your head is the subcontinent's secret to real communication. Kavita Pillay explains the motion that speaks a thousand words.

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How to Ride a Bike in Holland

bike in holland Photos by Terry Ward

The country was made for pedaling, but before you hit the road, you'll need a few tips. Terry Ward explains how to roll like a Dutchman.

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How to Visit a Moroccan Hammam

marrakesh Photos by Terry Ward

Public baths are a part of daily Moroccan life. Terry Ward provides the rundown on getting a thorough and enriching scrubdown. (Hint: Be sure to pick up a kiis in the souk on the way there.)

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How to Kiss Hello in France

How to Kiss Hello in France Photo by Terry Ward

The French tradition of exchanging kisses when saying hello and goodbye to family, friends and often perfect strangers can baffle outsiders. How to faire la bise? Terry Ward kisses and tells.

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