Destination: Tunisia

Tunisia Tackles Tourism Shortfall with Dark Humor

Tunisia’s role in the Arab Spring wasn’t as widely reported as, say, Egypt’s or Libya’s. But word about the country’s revolution has still spread far enough to cut tourism in half—and the Tunisian authorities are hoping to regain some of that lost revenue through a series of ads poking fun at the unrest.

According to the Guardian, one ad shows a woman enjoying a massage under the caption, “They say that in Tunisia some people receive heavy-handed treatment.” Another depicts an ancient archaeological site, with the tag line, “They say Tunisia is nothing but ruins.”

Tasteless? I suppose if I was a Tunisian civilian who’d been shot at or abused by police during the uprising, I might not be amused. But I think tackling a country’s reputation head-on is a good thing—and hey, as Australia learned a few years back, a little controversy can go a long way.

Sometimes a Language Barrier Isn’t One

On the benefits of language barriers in a Tunisian rug shop

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A Direct Impression

A Direct Impression Photo by Michael Keating.

To guide him through Tunisia, E. Casey Kittrell chose a nearly 100-year-old travelogue and discovered what it's like to travel with an observant, prescient, and, sometimes, bigoted man

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