Chaitén, Chile: Life After the Eruption

Slideshow  •  Nicholas Gill  •  05.29.09 | 10:39 AM ET Photo 1 of 9

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When the Chaitén volcano began erupting in May 2008, it wasn't lava flow that caused damage to the town of Chaitén in Chilean Patagonia, but rather falling ash. It melted glaciers and caused a muddy deluge that changed the course of the Chaitén River and flooded the town, moving houses off their foundations. The top of this structure, maybe a house or a gazebo, floated outside of the traditional boundaries of the city to where the beach once stood.

Writer, guidebook author and photographer Nicholas Gill splits his time between Lima, Peru, and Brooklyn, New York.

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Ben Keene 06.03.09 | 4:26 PM ET

Nice slideshow Nick—you certainly left Chaitén with some arresting images.

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