Cranky Flier: ‘Airlines’ Golden Age Wasn’t so Golden’

Travel Blog  •  Michael Yessis  •  04.19.10 | 11:57 AM ET

In light of the “outrageous” Spirit Airlines carry-on bag fee, Brett Snyder addresses the air-travel-used-to-be-so-much-better crowd:

Americans today want flying to mirror the image in their heads of the glory days of air travel. But that vision is outdated. The industry is making changes not to ruin your life but to survive.

If you think about air travel 50 years ago, you probably envision smartly dressed businessmen reclining in big, comfy seats and enjoying elaborate meals. Meanwhile, attractive young stewardesses fawn over their customers—the legendary “coffee, tea or me” days. Those days weren’t, however, as glamorous as you might imagine.

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Larry J. Clark 04.19.10 | 9:49 PM ET

Hmmm.  If you carefully select which age is the “Golden Age” I guess you can build almost any contrast you want. 

How about this:  1977 red eye (coach) from San Francisco to Chicago on a United DC-10.  At breakfast, the flight attendant asks how you’d like your eggs…Cooked to order in the lower galley and brought up to your seat.

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