‘Glacier Girl’ Set to Complete Flight Begun 65 Years Ago

Travel Blog  •  Michael Yessis  •  06.22.07 | 12:23 PM ET

This afternoon, a restored P-38 airplane that made an emergency landing in Greenland in 1942, and became buried under ice for 50 years, will take off from New Jersey’s Teterboro Airport in an attempt to complete its mission—to fly to England. “Glacier Girl” was part of an eight-plane team flying from the U.S. to England to help with allied defenses during World War II when rough weather over Greenland forced all the planes onto the ice. In the early ‘90s, The Lost Squadron was located and “Glacier Girl” was excavated from under more than 200 feet of ice.

Now it’s restored with 80 percent of its original parts, according to a story by Neil Graves in the New York Post.

Nobody perished in the crash, and one pilot survived: 89-year-old Col. Brad McManus.

“Today, he’ll take part in the first 100-mile leg of the flight, which will include stops in Canada, Greenland and Iceland before finally touching down in Duxford, outside London,” writes Graves. Awesome. You can track the flight of “Glacier Girl” at Flight Explorer.

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Photo of “Glacier Girl”

2 Comments for ‘Glacier Girl’ Set to Complete Flight Begun 65 Years Ago

Col Dodd Meredith / CAF/EOD 06.25.07 | 12:11 PM ET

I have followed this great story from the begining. I hope the story of this event will become a documentary. Hats
off to all who helped save this great
plane and also to Col. Brad McManus who
must feel proud. Keep ‘em flying!!!

Captain Donald M. Taub, USCG-Retired 06.25.07 | 6:07 PM ET

The Lost Squadron Story and its Rescue has been poorly told; such as who did the rescue, and how it was done. Several of the participants were friends of mine…including dogsled party by boat from Angmagsalik, Sgt.Earl Toole; the Navy PBY-5A pilot, and a list aboard USCGC Northland which did 4 crashed planes rescues in the same vicinity in 1942…stories also mistold.

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