Repairs Begin at Machu Picchu

Travel Blog  •  Eva Holland  •  02.03.10 | 10:22 AM ET


With the last of the stranded tourists freshly evacuated from the flooded area around Machu Picchu, the question now is: When will the World Heritage site re-open to visitors? The AP reports that the damaged rail lines connecting the site to the outside world could take at least eight weeks to repair—in the meantime, many locals laid off from shuttered hotels and restaurants are headed to nearby Cuzco in search of work. The Sacramento Bee has a dramatic photo essay of the flooding, landslides and subsequent evacuations.

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Grizzly Bear Mom 02.03.10 | 1:16 PM ET

How wonderful to see that foreign tourists helped fill sand bags to block the flood! 

I’m going to Peru in August.  What are the can’t miss sites?  Is the Amazonian area really dangerous?

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