Ryanair ‘Serious’ About Charging for Bathroom

Travel Blog  •  Rob Verger  •  03.06.09 | 12:03 PM ET

The AP reports that the head of Dublin-based Ryanair is indeed “serious about making passengers pay for the right to relieve themselves on flights—and is flush with interest in the idea of mounting credit card-operated toilets.” Charging by credit card is logistically easier than charging by coin, as had been suggested earlier, which “wouldn’t work in part because Ryanair operates heavily in areas using both the euro and British pound.”

I’ve said it before about Ryanair (when they had some not-so-nice words about bloggers) and I’ll say it again now: oy vey.

What about someone who needs to go, but doesn’t have a credit card?

As ridiculous as the whole thing is, though, it does make me smile—although I’m sure I wouldn’t be smiling if I had to pay to use a toilet in the sky—and reminds me of this funny Southwest commercial.

Rob Verger

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5 Comments for Ryanair ‘Serious’ About Charging for Bathroom

Jenna Schnuer 03.06.09 | 1:54 PM ET

Oh no. I hope this doesn’t end up with a repeat performance of the drunk guy who, several years back, turned an in-flight beverage cart into a portapotty.

Lindsey 03.06.09 | 3:57 PM ET

Ew! I never heard that story, Jenna.

Becoming less and less with Ryanair by the day. Charging for an in-flight toilet? No.

connemara accommodation 03.06.09 | 11:18 PM ET

i have never heard of tis before.. its weird ....dnt think it will happen..

Grizzly Bear Mom 03.07.09 | 10:43 AM ET

It is probably against the law to do so, so I wouldn’t worry about it. 

If it did come to pass I wonder if passengers would calculate the cost of depends vs potty visits.  How unpleasant. 

Sounds like just another way to de-civilizing air travel.

Steve Winduss 03.18.09 | 7:26 PM ET

Ryanair is building no customer loyalty, no cushion, no extra fat around the corporate model. The margins and the goodwill are so slim that a little twitch here or there could mark the end.

And such a twitch might be the point at which customers realise that Ryanair donít seek profits by maximising customer service but by eliminating it altogether.

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