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It’s Bloomsday. Do You Know Where Your Nearest ‘Ulysses’ Reading Is?

Happy Bloomsday, the day (June 16) that James Joyce immortalized in his epic novel, “Ulysses.”

If you have the evening free and are in the mood, this might be a good time to seek out a local “Ulysses” reading or related pub crawl. The L.A. Times offers up a short list of gatherings around the U.S. For more on the annual rite, check out this New York Times story.

And look at that: Even Twitter is lighting up with posts about Bloomsday.

What’s That Smell?

What’s That Smell? iStockPhoto

Paul Lynch explores the intersection of travel and the nose

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Happy Bloomsday!

A few links from around the internet to commemorate Bloomsday:

Dhani Tackles Poetry: ‘Speak’

Dhani Tackles Poetry: ‘Speak’ Sarah Berl, Red Line Films
Sarah Berl, Red Line Films

NFL linebacker and Renaissance man Dhani Jones hosts the new Travel Channel show, Dhani Tackles the Globe.

Like any good Renaissance man, he’s writing poems inspired by the travel experiences featured on each show.

The topic of tonight’s journey: Hurling in Ireland.

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Ryanair ‘Serious’ About Charging for Bathroom

The AP reports that the head of Dublin-based Ryanair is indeed “serious about making passengers pay for the right to relieve themselves on flights—and is flush with interest in the idea of mounting credit card-operated toilets.” Charging by credit card is logistically easier than charging by coin, as had been suggested earlier, which “wouldn’t work in part because Ryanair operates heavily in areas using both the euro and British pound.”

I’ve said it before about Ryanair (when they had some not-so-nice words about bloggers) and I’ll say it again now: oy vey.

What about someone who needs to go, but doesn’t have a credit card?

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The Three Literary Capitals of the World?

Conde Nast Traveler has chosen Berlin, Dublin and Boston as its three best cities for bookworms. They’re all worthy choices, but still, I have to ask: Was this list originally titled, “Three Best Cities for Bookworms, Not Counting Paris and London”?

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