The Long Descent: The $7 JetBlue Pillow, Blanket

Travel Blog  •  Valerie Conners  •  08.04.08 | 3:40 PM ET

Though the airline recently tried to butter up passengers with a shockingly generous gesture of goodwill, JetBlue quickly demolished this big-hearted persona with the announcement that pillows and blankets will now be sold as $7 “eco-friendly” kits that will also include a $5 Bed Bath & Beyond coupon, according to the AP.

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Valerie Conners

Valerie Conners is the senior producer and editor at World Hum.

5 Comments for The Long Descent: The $7 JetBlue Pillow, Blanket

Boutique Travel Guy 08.05.08 | 12:49 AM ET

Disgraceful….will they allow passengers to board with their own pillows and blankets over and above the hand luggage allowance - I suspect not. I hope passengers vote with their choice of carrier and avoid any airline even rumored to be implicating such measures!

Jeri Stebel 08.06.08 | 8:50 AM ET

The charge for pillows and blanket is an enormous idea and long overdue. I have dreaded breathing in a pillow or blanket that has not had an opportunity to be cleaned. I’ve read numerous articles about the germs that accompany those articles on air flights. Actually pretty disgusting to carry on your own, and bulky, as well. Bravo to Jet Blue!

Seasoned Travelor 08.06.08 | 5:50 PM ET

This is a terrific idea and Jet Blue should be praised to the skies (sorry!) for giving passengers an environmentally
clean and high-quality choice.

KG 08.11.08 | 5:13 AM ET

The JetBlue pillow/blanket/$5 gift certificate product is a really nice one.  I just bought one on my flight and it was nice knowing the only drool on the pillow would be my own.  The blanket’s a fair size and there’s even a little carry bag/pillowcase included.  It’s a nice little bundle from a great airline. Kudos to Blue!

Las Vegas Coupons 08.26.08 | 1:52 AM ET

I think its all getting ridiculous. Prices for checking bags are $15.00 for the first and $25.00 for additional. Makes me want to just convert my car into driving on oil like those car you see on tv.

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