Vardo, Norway: Life at the Arctic Edge of Europe

Travel Blog  •  Michael Yessis  •  09.17.07 | 12:13 PM ET

imageBoston Globe writer Tom Haines gave us a hint of what life is like in Vardo, Norway last month, when we caught up with him there for a Where in the World Are You? post. He wrote of thick fog, climate change and pizza with shrimp, green pepper and scallion. His Vardo story for the Globe has now surfaced, and it’s a detailed look at the 700-year-old village “anchored atop a treeless island just off the eastern edge of the mainland” that’s beginning to deal with the changes brought forth by global warming.

He writes:

Such high latitudes are thought to be warming twice as fast as more temperate parts of the planet. Yet it is uncertain how carbon-rich northern land—whether permafrost, or milder wetlands—will react as temperatures increase. As soil warms, how fast is it adding carbon dioxide and methane to the atmosphere’s greenhouse gases, accelerating global warming?

This bog, quicker to warm than permafrost, could be giving early indications. So scientists from nearby Svanvik and distant Washington, D.C., stand on top of a palsa and wonder: Might the bog share secrets?

Haines also teamed up with photographer Essdras Suarez for a beautiful audio slide show about Vardo.

Photo by Essdras Suarez, via Boston Globe.

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