What We Loved This Week: Twitter, Portland’s Cheap Eats, ‘Before Sunrise’ and More

Travel Blog  •  World Hum  •  03.13.09 | 2:18 PM ET

Our contributors share a favorite travel-related experience from the past seven days:

Valerie Conners
Trip-planning via Twitter and the fabulous tweeps following @worldhum. I’m heading to Buenos Aires in April and have been posting questions out to our twitterverse of followers, looking for tips on sights, food, estancia tours and more—the response has been so warm and incredibly helpful. What an amazing resource. Some great ideas have crossed my path and are making their way into my itinerary.

Eva Holland
I watched one of my favorite travel movies, “Before Sunrise,” again for the first time in a couple of years and was thrilled to find that none of the crazy, spontaneous magic of Jesse and Celine’s one night in Vienna had worn off. Here’s a classic sequence:

April Thompson
As a jet-setting cyclist, I loved the National Bike Summit in Washington, D.C.! I love the Better World Club, too. It offers a bicycle roadside assistance program and carbon offsetting for flights. I’m also “spoked” about Bikes for the World, which collects old bikes and distributes them globally.

Julia Ross
Long live the “grass-mud horse”! I loved this example of how the Chinese use their language creatively.

Jim Benning
I’ve been enjoying “5to Piso,” the new album by Guatemalan folk-pop singer Ricardo Arjona. When I studied Spanish in Costa Rica a decade ago, my teacher introduced me to his music. It transports me and, as a bonus, helps me stay attuned to the language. You can hear the title track here.

Jerry V. Haines
Willamette Week’s roster of Portland Cheap Eats includes: “25 excellent things to eat for under $7. Why $7? Because Oregon minimum wage is $8.40 an hour—about seven bucks after deductions—and we don’t think you should have to work longer than an hour to pay for a good meal.”

Terry Ward
Navigating the surf lingo (“new school air monger,” for example) of my BFF Chris Jackson’s new blog, which followed the action at the first stop of the ASP World Tour on Australia’s Gold Coast. Kelly Slater got eliminated early, with Aussie Joel Parkinson taking the title at Kirra. Next stop, Bells Beach, a killer break near Melbourne. Chris quit his day job to follow the tour this year, with stops in Tahiti, France and Brazil on the itinerary. Now that sounds like the dream gig.

Michael Yessis
While driving home from New York City, I broke a several-years-long Waffle House dry spell with two waffles and smothered hash browns at a location near the Maryland-Delaware border. It’s terrific, cheap road-trip food. I will not wait so long again.

Joanna Kakissis
Where does one warm up in Nederland, Colorado, during Frozen Dead Guy Days? I loved the coffee and macaroons at the New Moon Bakery, a low-key cafe with a counterculture vibe. It was packed with FDG revelers last Saturday, but on less busy nights, you can play Guitar Hero on a big-screen TV here with your friends and possibly even the baker. “Barracuda,” anyone?

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Voli Dublino 03.13.09 | 3:21 PM ET

Wow. So much tags for one record :) Don’t you think that’s too much?

Tom 03.27.09 | 7:28 AM ET

I think that this movie was great, what do you think guys? Tom

BigTime 05.02.09 | 10:48 AM ET

Great movie ... I’m thinking about going out and renting it RIGHT NOW.

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