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Eight Photos to Inspire Wanderlust

Eight Photos to Inspire Wanderlust REUTERS

Indulge your armchair traveler. We've gathered eight wanderlust-inspiring travel photos from around the world.

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Paperbacks at 15,000 Feet

Book Bench blogger Willing Davidson did a little book-spotting on a recent Nepalese trek; in this brief, fun post, he reports back on the most popular titles in his “mile-high book club.”

Swayambhunath Temple, Kathmandu, Nepal

kathmandu temple REUTERS/Chaiwat Subprasom

Monkeys sit on a stupa at the Swayambhunath temple in Kathmandu.

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Six Great Women Travelers in Asia


March is Women’s History Month, so this seems a good moment to call out a few of history’s great women travelers. Because so many 19th- and early 20th-century adventurers found themselves drawn to Asia, I’ve narrowed this list to women who made their mark on that continent, fording the Indus River or crossing the Tibetan Plateau, in defiance of social norms and often at great risk. These are the women I wish I’d been in another life. Herewith, my top-six list of the most intrepid Western female travelers to take Asia by foot, camel or donkey.

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The Great Everest Clean-Up

The Great Everest Clean-Up Photo by Kappa Wayfarer via Flickr (Creative Commons)
Photo by Kappa Wayfarer via Flickr (Creative Commons)

The climate-change watchdog group Eco Everest hauled off 2,100 pounds of trash and human waste from Mount Everest last year and is now paying visitors $1.00 per pound for waste removed from the mountain, according to Outside and Rock and Ice magazine.

The Nepalese have recently tried to prevent dumping by withholding a $4,000 trash deposit from climbers who leave rubbish on the 29,028-foot peak. But there still a lot of waste up there from previous expeditions—enough to inspire a documentary and an artist who recycles discarded oxygen bottles into eco-provocative bowls, bells and ornaments.

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Kathmandu, Nepal

kathmandu REUTERS/Gopal Chitrakar

Hindu devotees cross Bagmati River at Pashupati Temple to pay homage to Lord Shiva during the Hindu festival Shivaratri in Kathmandu.

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World Hum’s Most Read: Feb. 14-20

World Hum’s Most Read: Feb. 14-20 Photo by Sophia Dembling
Photo by Sophia Dembling

Our five most popular slideshows from the past week:

1) Dipping Into the Ex-Boyfriend Archives
2) My Travels, My Feet (pictured)
3) Inside Slum Tourism
4) Hawaii: Holoholo Wale
5) Return to Nepal

Return to Nepal

Return to Nepal Photo by Rob Verger

Rob Verger spent a semester studying in Nepal. Years later, he returned, alone, and found a different place.

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Interview With Rory MacLean: ‘Magic Bus’ on the Hippie Trail

Frank Bures asks him about the classic journey from Istanbul's pudding shop to Kathmandu

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Interview with Michael Buckley: Searching for Shangri-La

Frank Bures talks to the author of a guide to a place that may or may not exist

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Everest Skydivers Take the Plunge

A couple weeks back we noted that the first-ever skydivers at Mount Everest were due to drop. Well, they’re a little behind schedule, but three people finally took the plunge—and made history.

Everest Plane Crash Kills 18 Tourists

A passenger plane crashed on landing at Tenzing-Hillary airport in Nepal’s Everest region, killing 18 people on board, including 12 German tourists and two Australians. The plane’s pilot is the only survivor. We’ve previously noted the dramatic landings at the airport, which is located on a steeply angled hillside.

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Landmark Skydive Planned for Everest

Photo by Kappa Wayfarer via Flickr (Creative Commons)

If all goes according to plan, at least 34 skydivers will jump out of a plane and free-fall past the summit of Mount Everest Thursday. The jumps will be the first ever attempted at Everest. Remarked the jump’s organizer, “This will be the most important event in the Himalayan adventure since 1953.”


Falling Through Thin Air: Woman to Skydive Mount Everest

Armed with an oxygen mask and a particularly big parachute, a 29-year-old British woman plans to make the jump next month, leaping from a plane several hundred feet over the world’s tallest mountain, gliding past the peak and landing in a 12,000-foot meadow. “I’m excited, confident, scared, all in one,” she told Reuters. I would just be scared.

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