Destination: Peru

What Does 66 Cents Buy You in Peru?

Over at Uncornered Market, Daniel and Audrey are contemplating value and relativity—by rounding up several 66-cent purchases.

The Alpaca Weavers of Ccaccaccollo

Lola Akinmade chronicles a Peruvian village's traditional craft

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Paying for Passport Stamps

Paying for Passport Stamps Photo by lilit via Flickr (Creative Commons)
Photo by lilit via Flickr (Creative Commons)

Over at Jaunted, blogger JetSetCD has opened up a conversation on those oh-so-tempting, oh-so-corny souvenir passport stamps.

You know, the ones from places like Checkpoint Charlie, Machu Picchu and so on. And then, beyond the stamps from major tourist sites, there are the just-so-I-can-say-I-was-here countries—Liechtenstein, San Marino and the like—that charge for their entry stamps, too. So, Jaunted asks, are novelty passport stamps worth their price? Or are they just as bad as “buying those horrific gift spoons”?

I have to admit, I’ve never actually been faced with the question before. But I love my passport stamps, and I can’t see putting a set of fake East/West Berlin markers into the mix. On the other hand, though it would irk me to pay, I’d probably want proof that I crossed Liechtenstein’s borders. What about you?

Cuzco, Peru

Machu Picchu, Cuzco, Peru REUTERS/Enrique Castro-Mendivil

A traveler at Machu Picchu.

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Eight Great Travel Stories About Food

Eight Great Travel Stories About Food iStockphoto

To mark World Hum's eighth anniversary, we've collected eight favorite stories from our archives that explore the sweet spot where taste meets travel

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Chachapollas, Peru

Chachapollas, Peru REUTERS/Pilar Olivares

People walk at the entrance of the Kuelap Fortress, 9,840 feet above sea level, in the Andean region of Chachapollas.

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R.I.P. Conchita Cintron, Woman Matador

The Peruvian matador’s debut performance dates back to 1937. She died in Lisbon at the age of 86.

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The ‘Peruvian Pan Flute Epidemic’ Rages on ‘South Park’

Peruvian flute bands are apparently a big enough phenomenon—and irritating enough to Trey Parker and Matt Stone—to take center stage on “South Park.” The latest episode warns of a “Peruvian flute band epidemic” so extensive that the head of Homeland Security says, “All over the world wherever there are tourists or shoppers there are now on average 65 Peruvian flute bands per square kilometer.”

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World Hum Travel Movie Club: ‘The Art of Travel’

Small-town boy Conner Layne graduates from high school, dumps his fiancée at the altar and leaves for his honeymoon, alone. As he makes his way from Nicaragua to Panama, Colombia and Peru, philosophical realizations about the meaning of travel abound. World Hum Travel Movie Clubbers Eva Holland and Eli Ellison go along for the ride in this new DVD release—but will their minds, like Conner’s, be opened to the real art of travel?

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How to Eat Ceviche in Lima

ceviche Photos by Nicholas Gill

Grab a Cusqueña and get comfortable. As Nicholas Gill explains, a trip to a Peruvian cevichería can be an all-day immersion in good conversation and raw seafood.

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Peru to Yale University: Dude, Give Us Back Our Machu Picchu Artifacts!

NPR covers an increasingly ugly dispute over Incan artifacts—jewelry, bones, etc.—that were excavated from Machu Picchu by famed explorer Hiram Bingham III in the early 1900s and are still housed at Yale’s Peabody Museum. As NPR notes, Peru’s former first lady recently published an op-ed piece in the New York Times urging Yale to cough them up. “Yale,” she wrote, “must finally return the artifacts that symbolize Peru’s great heritage.” Come on, Yale. Get it together. As one observer says in the NPR piece of Yale’s failure to return them so far: Es increíble.

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Photo markg6 via Flickr, (Creative Commons).

Machu Picchu: ‘A Must-See for the Jet Set’?

Close followers of Celebrity Travel Watch will recall Cameron Diaz’s visit to Machu Picchu earlier this year, when her backpacker-commie-chic look—the shoulder bag pictured here says “Serve the People” in Chinese—was seen by some in Peru as too commie and not enough chic. (Turns out Maoist propaganda doesn’t always go over so well in a country that’s been terrorized by Maoist insurgents.) Well, now the Los Angeles Times is declaring Machu Picchu a “must-see for the jet set”—and not just celebs with Mao-inspired totes from China. Bill Gates made the trek this year, and in the last week or so Woody Harrelson and Owen Wilson landed in Cuzco with plans to visit Machu Picchu, although they apparently scrapped the trip to the Incan ruins after “a run-in with several local journalists.” Officials have taken steps to limit Inca Trail traffic. What’s next? Limits on celebrity visitors?

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Photo: AP.

Requiem for a Little Red Ship

Abbie Kozolchyk never understood why anyone referred to ships as though they were women. Then, long before it sank in Antarctica, she met the Explorer.

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Virginia Tourism’s ‘Symbol of Love’ Actually Symbol of Chicago Gang

Oops. An advertisement (pictured) developed by the BCF agency of Virginia Beach for the Virginia Tourism Corp. features two hands coming together to form the shape of a heart, a playful reference to the state’s long-time slogan, “Virginia is For Lovers.” The gesture, however, is also associated with the Gangster Disciples, “one of the most violent of four African-American gangs that hang out on the south side of Chicago,” according to an FBI report. The FBI also notes: “They are known for their violence and the distribution of crack cocaine.” Apparently Virginia does not want to associate itself with gun play and illegal drugs, and thus will be removing the image from its new “Live Passionately” campaign, according to the Virginian-Pilot.

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