Destination: Somalia

Kidnapped Writer Michael Scott Moore Released in Somalia

It’s been more than two and a half years since Michael Scott Moore, the writer best known for the surf book Sweetness and Blood, was abducted in Somalia while reporting on piracy there. Late last month, he was finally released and sent home.

Moore is a World Hum contributor and a past interview subject. He has yet to speak or write publicly about his ordeal, but Outside has taken a long look at his captivity and broader debates about how best to respond to kidnappings for ransom.

Needless to say, we’re relieved he’s been freed.

World Travel Watch: Monster Shark Off Australia, Deadly Driving Games in Bulgaria and More

Larry Habegger rounds up global travel news

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Somali Pirate Gives ‘Tell All’ Interview

And the most amazing thing I learned? These pirates actually have a spokesman.

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* Violent Robberies up by Real Pirates of the Caribbean

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Suffering and Smiling: Vanity Fair Does Africa

Africa is hot. Why? So we can save it? Frank Bures deconstructs the magazine's latest issue and what it says about Western views of the continent.

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Waiting for Snow in America

I know how it feels to be a 6-foot-tall blonde in Tokyo—or, from my first travels to the Middle East, to realize that showing a little kneecap can be tres risquÃ(c)—but I always find it more interesting to read about the culture shock foreigners experience here in America. For Somalian immigrants taking a recent crash course on American culture at a Kenyan refugee camp, one thing awaiting them in their new home proved particularly baffling: snow.

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No. 1: “Arabian Sands” by Wilfred Thesiger

To mark our five-year anniversary, we’re counting down the top 30 travel books of all time, adding a new title each day this month.
Published: 1959
Territory covered: Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, Arabian Penninsula (now Yemen, Oman, Saudia Arabia, United Arab Emirates)

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Pirates Attack Five More Ships Off Somalia

The bandits are being directed by a “mother ship,” according to today’s Reuters story by Daniel Wallis.

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Cruise Ship Outruns Pirates Off Somalia

The cruise industry has been taking great pains to offer more action-oriented trips lately, but not even the wave pools that Royal Caribbean has planned for its ships could top the action on a cruise off Somalia today [Saturday]. Pirates carrying machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades attacked a Seabourn Cruise Line luxury ship carrying 140 passengers. According to CNN, the cruise liner managed to outrun the pirates, which were in two small boats. “There’s some minor damage done to the ship, ” one passenger told a CNN radio affiliate. “There’s no water right now, for instance, in some places, and I believe one of the grenades actually went off in one of the cabins, but everyone on board is fine.”

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