Destination: Mali

Interview with Henry Rollins: Punk Rock World Traveler

Jim Benning asks the musician about his new book of photographs and how travel has humbled him

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Mapped—The Roads Between Us: A Journey Across Africa

Frank Bures's notes and impressions from his journey from Lagos, Nigeria to Dakar, Senegal

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World Travel Watch: Safari Robbers in Tanzania, the ‘Real IRA’ in Belfast and More

Larry Habegger rounds up global travel news

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Robert Plant: From Wales to Timbuktu

In the wake of Plant’s five Grammy wins last week, the bloggers at Rock’s Backpages have dug up this 2003 story about a one-day tour of Snowdonia, in Wales—with the former Led Zeppelin frontman playing tour guide. In it, Plant reminisces about the ways a visit to Timbuktu influenced his subsequent solo efforts, and takes the writer to Bron-Yr-Aur, the rural Welsh cottage where he and Jimmy Page wrote much of “Led Zeppelin III.” “Bron-Yr-Aur gave Jimmy and me so much energy,” Plant says. “Because we were really close to something. We believed. It was absolutely wonderful, and my heart was so light and happy.”

Morning Links: Skycar, Disney Shanghai and More

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Searching for Borders in West Africa

Photo by via Flickr (Creative Commons)

It’s a truism that Africa’s colonial borders were drawn virtually on a whim, but in this compelling essay in The Smart Set, Peter Chilson learns first-hand just how arbitrarily some of those lines on the map were traced—and the real-life impact of those colonial decisions.

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From Igloolik to Timbuktu

Photo by Jean and Nathalie via Flickr (Creative Commons)

I always look forward to Stephanie Nolen‘s latest dispatch from Africa in The Globe and Mail—and not just because she’s probably the biggest name ever to come out of the journalism school at my alma mater. She is a master at finding unexpected stories that go well beyond the usual “Troubled Africa” fare, and this week, a story from Mali is no exception.

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Suffering and Smiling: Vanity Fair Does Africa

Africa is hot. Why? So we can save it? Frank Bures deconstructs the magazine's latest issue and what it says about Western views of the continent.

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