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National Geographic: Now Available in Arabic

The venerable magazine is launching an Arabic-language edition this week. Speaking to the AP, the new edition’s editor, Mohamed al-Hammadi, “expressed hope it would give Arab readers a deeper understanding of the planet and how others live.” (Via The Book Bench)

R.I.P. National Geographic Adventure

The National Geographic Society announced today that its 10-year-old adventure title will cease publishing, apparently due to declining ad sales. This month’s issue will be its last. Here’s West Coast Editor Steve Casimiro on the loss of the magazine:

For those of you who are just passing readers of the magazine, its demise might be a mere curiosity or random note of economic discord. But for those of us who care about good writing, great photography, insight and curiosity and advocacy for an engaged relationship with the world at large, it is a truly remorseful day.

We interviewed National Geographic Adventure editor John Rasmus about a new travel anthology a couple months back.

Lisa Ling: Globetrotting Journalist, ‘Thinking Man’s Sex Symbol’

National Geographic’s ‘Herod’s Lost Tomb,’ FTW

That’s “For The Win,” to all you non-gamers out there, and yes, the revered publication is launching a games division, with downloadable titles that can be played on Macs, PCs, and some mobile devices. ‘Herod’ could be cool, but frankly, I’m holding out for “Sudoku Traveler: China.” 

Mark Jenkins: Seeing the World as it is

Frank Bures talks to one of Outside's "Literary All-Stars" and the author of "A Man's Life: Dispatches From Dangerous Places" about his tales of daring and adventure

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Daisann McLane: The Frugal Traveler

Michael Yessis speaks with the writer about the joy of travel, "travel pornography" and the lure of cheap hotels

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