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Video: Surfing One of the Longest Waves in the World

Waterman extraordinaire Robby Naish, perhaps best known as one of the globe’s best windsurfers, surfs one of the longest waves in the world at Pavones, Costa Rica.

(Via Adventure Journal)

R.I.P. Philip Hoffman, Surfing Pioneer

Philip Hoffman, a ground-breaking surfer who took his first surf trip to Hawaii in 1952, has died in California. He was 80.

The New York Times’ Matt Higgins writes that Hoffman’s “pioneering big-wave riding in Hawaii in the 1950s charted the way for surfing pilgrimages to Oahu’s North Shore from around the world.”

The Surfer’s Journal publisher Steve Pezman calls him “the first guy on the North Shore.”

Hanging Ten with the Havana Surf Club

Hanging Ten with the Havana Surf Club Reuters

In an excerpt from his new book, "Sweetness and Blood," Michael Scott Moore tracks down the origins of surfing in Cuba

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Interview with Michael Scott Moore: ‘Sweetness and Blood’

Jim Benning talks with the author of a new travel book about the spread of surfing around the globe

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Surfing Iceland’s Cold Frontiers

Surfing Iceland’s Cold Frontiers Photo by Nathan Myers

Full-body wetsuits. Icy mountain roads. Uncharted surf. Nathan Myers is a long way from California.

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Swells and Snow: Surfing Iceland’s Cold Frontiers

Swells and Snow: Surfing Iceland’s Cold Frontiers Photo by Nathan Myers

Nathan Myers captures the frozen isolation of Iceland's uncharted surf scene

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Surfing the ‘Ultimate Wave Tahiti’: IMAX 3D

I love the occasional IMAX film for vicarious big-screen travel thrills, and I can’t wait to see this new one about surfing Tahiti’s famed Teahupoo. Here’s a taste:

Photo You Must See: Surfer in the Fog

Photo You Must See: Surfer in the Fog REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton
REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

A surfer walks along New York’s Rockaway Beach as the fog rolls in.

Photo You Must See: Big-Wave Surfing at Cow Bombie

Photo You Must See: Big-Wave Surfing at Cow Bombie REUTERS/Ho New

Surfer Mark Visser drops into a 36-foot wave at Cow Bombie, near the Western Australian town of Gracetown. The surf spot is located roughly 175 miles south of Perth.

Meet the Gaza Surf Club

The National has the unlikely story of Gaza City’s surf scene, from its early origins to the ongoing efforts to smuggle new boards in as the old ones break. The Gazan surfers’ main benefactor? A Tel Aviv-based organization called Surfing for Peace. “Surfing is not just the solitary act of standing on a hollowed-out plank on the face of a breaking wave,” Brian Calvert writes. “[T]he culture of the sport breeds an intense solidarity.” (Via The Daily Dish)

Photo We Love: Surfing Huntington Beach

Photo We Love: Surfing Huntington Beach REUTERS/Gene Blevins
REUTERS/Gene Blevins

Australian Taj Burrow at the recent X-Games finals in Huntington Beach, California.

One of surfing’s biggest events culminates at the Huntington Beach Pier this weekend: The Hurley U.S. Open of Surfing concludes Sunday. Forecasters are predicting some big, tasty waves thanks to a swell from the Southern Hemisphere.

Waikiki Beach Boys

If you want to hear about the golden days of Waikiki, your best bet is probably to head up to the Haleiwa to the Surf Museum. Since I’m no surfing aficionado, I wasn’t exactly roped in by the displays, but I sure enjoyed the time I spent talking with the museum’s proprietor, Hurricane Bob. Ask Hurricane Bob about what Waikiki used to be like, and he’s full of stories.

I couldn’t help but think of Hurricane Bob, the North Shore and Waikiki when I stumbled over this short documentary about the Waikiki Beach Boys. It crams a whole sensibility about Hawaii, surfing, Waikiki, and beach culture into just over six minutes. Six minutes well spent, I’d say.

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Hawaii: Holoholo Wale

hawaii Photo by Pam Mandel.

Pam Mandel captures the spirit of her new Hawaii: Holoholo Wale blog with a selection of her favorite photos from the Islands

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Nine Travel Movies to Watch For in 2009

Nine Travel Movies to Watch For in 2009 Photo by ginnerobot via Flickr (Creative Commons)
Photo by ginnerobot via Flickr (Creative Commons)

If there’s one December fixture that I enjoy almost as much as the ubiquitous “Best of the Past Year” list, it’s the “Trends to Watch Next Year” list. What’s new and hot? What’s old but hot again? And what never goes out of style? (Trends to Watch lists, that’s what.)

So, with that in mind, here are nine travel-esque movies hitting theaters in 2009.

The Descent 2: Looks like one of our favorite travel horror movies has spawned a sequel. In the second round, the lone survivor of a caving trip gone horrifically wrong heads back below the surface—local sheriff in tow—to confirm the fate of her companions. Predictably, things don’t quite go as planned.

Point Break: Indo: Twenty years later, there’s a new band of surfing bandits on the loose—this time in Bali—and a new surfing cop on their trail, too. The producers are being coy about possible cameos from Patrick Swayze or Keanu Reeves, but hey, Swayze turned up in a Dirty Dancing re-hashing a few years back, so why not Point Break, too?

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The Enduring Appeal of ‘The Endless Summer’

The classic surf film celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. Its popularity lives on, Jim Benning writes, because it's one of the greatest wanderlust-inducing documentaries ever made -- and a potent antidote to winter.

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