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Still Listening

Still Listening Photo: anoldent via Flickr (CC)

On New Hampshire's Androscoggin River, Catherine Buni tried to draw her paddling partners into conversation. But her questions only got her so far.

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Sea Change

Sea Change Sea of Cortez (iStockPhoto)

With her marriage on the rocks, Catha Larkin headed to Baja's Sea of Cortez seeking "a bit of the blue"

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Paddling the Alaskan Food Chain

Paddling the Alaskan Food Chain Photo by *christopher* via Flickr (Creative Commons)

James Michael Dorsey was enjoying a quiet kayaking outing on Alaska's Inside Passage. Then he spotted a dorsal fin.

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Beyond the Gondola: Kayaking in Venice?

Beyond the Gondola: Kayaking in Venice? Photo by Eva Holland
Photo by Eva Holland

If you think about it, paddling on the canals of Venice makes a whole lot of sense—and yet, you don’t see many kayaks competing with the gondolas and vaporettos. WhyGo Italy checks in with a Danish entrepreneur who aims to change that.

My only question: Will kayakers be allowed to pack bag lunches?

Hawaii: Holoholo Wale

hawaii Photo by Pam Mandel.

Pam Mandel captures the spirit of her new Hawaii: Holoholo Wale blog with a selection of her favorite photos from the Islands

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Paddling Among Giants

The planet is heating up. The news can be overwhelming. But on a kayaking trip off Maui, Jim Benning found some big antidotes to pessimism.

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Fire in the Night

Fire in the Night Photo by Bill Belleville.

In a Florida lagoon, Bill Belleville paddles among the manatees and mangroves on a quest to see the dazzling blue-green light of bioluminescence

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Mullet in the Treetops

Mullet in the Treetops Photo by Bill Belleville

In a land studded with theme parks promising manufactured thrills, Bill Belleville discovers a different kind of Florida Fantasyland

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