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Paddling the Alaskan Food Chain

Paddling the Alaskan Food Chain Photo by *christopher* via Flickr (Creative Commons)

James Michael Dorsey was enjoying a quiet kayaking outing on Alaska's Inside Passage. Then he spotted a dorsal fin.

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Jeffrey Goldberg Goes Whale Watching

And if he had to summarize the Cape Cod excursion in one word? Awesome. From his blog over at The Atlantic: “I don’t mean ‘awesome’ in a juvenile way, I mean ‘awesome’ as in, ‘if God did indeed create the earth, he did a bang-up job in the large mammal department…’ It’s impossible to describe the sight of a finback whale forty feet from where you stand. I’ll say this—you and your problems shrink in significance.”

Paddling Among Giants

The planet is heating up. The news can be overwhelming. But on a kayaking trip off Maui, Jim Benning found some big antidotes to pessimism.

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