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At El Bulli, the Customer Comes Second

A Harvard Business School professor takes a look at “the best restaurant in the world” and why its chef, Ferran Adria, refuses to function according to business and marketing norms. (Via Kottke)

The White House Luau: President Obama ‘Wants his Hawaii Grinds’

Luau performer in Hawaii Photo by alohateam via Flickr (Creative Commons)
Luau performer in Hawaii. Photo by alohateam via Flickr (Creative Commons)

The first-ever White House Hawaiian-style luau is scheduled to take place tonight, with President Obama hosting a meal created and prepared by Alan Wong.

Good for Obama. He loves his home state of Hawaii, and Hawaii loves him back—though, as seen in this slideshow, sometimes it loves him in funny ways.

In any case, Obama will get some Hawaiian food—the chef’s shopping list includes 84 pounds of Hawaiian macadamia nuts, 130 pounds of salmon and 650 pounds of pork butt—cooked by the proprietor of one of his favorite restaurants. And Hawaii hopes it will get what it desperately needs: a boost for tourism.

The Year in Eating

food at alinea, chicago Photo by xmatt, via Flickr (Creative Commons)
Photo of food at Alinea by xmatt, via Flickr (Creative Commons)

Food experts are rolling out their predictions for 2009 and they’re really going out on a limb forecasting, for example, that recession specials are going to be huge. Here’s what we think about eating in 2009: there will be no food because there will be no restaurants because no one will have much money to eat anything. Which will then make things that were previously unappetizing, very edible. (Yes, we’re looking at you dog!) Really, though, rather than look forward—after all, the future of eating doesn’t look so pink in the middle right now—let’s take a breather from all this fortunetelling and glance backwards to better times. This was the year of both Greek yogurt and mixologists. It was the year that Korean cuisine pissed all over Chinese food (Chinese will make a huge comeback in 2010, we think). And it was another great year for David Chang. But here are a few things we’d like to dwell on:

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Alain Ducasse: ‘I Am Not a Fan of Airline Food’

The legendary chef recently shared some tidbits about his travel habits with the Telegraph’s Lisa Grainger. His favorite thing about traveling? No surprise there: the local food. “For me, going to markets is the best way to understand the soul of a place,” Ducasse said. “I taste everything, wherever I am. There is nothing quite like the simple pleasure of a marvellous piece of local fruit; it tells you so much about where you are.”

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