Destination: London

World Travel Watch: Dubai’s Burj Khalifa Closed, Alternate Routes to Machu Picchu and More

Larry Habegger rounds up global travel news

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Photo You Must See: London Light Trails

Photo You Must See: London Light Trails REUTERS/Luke MacGregor

Light trails made by a passing bus illuminate the night sky in front of the Houses of Parliament in London

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Five Photos: England Under Snow

Five Photos: England Under Snow REUTERS/Stephen Hird

As you rarely see them: Buckingham Palace, a London Underground sign, Westminster Bridge and Bodiam Castle.

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Interview with Alain de Botton: ‘A Week at the Airport’

Frank Bures asks Heathrow's first writer-in-residence about non-places, taking time to arrive and what airports tell us about ourselves

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The Best Travel Videos of 2009

The Best Travel Videos of 2009 iStockPhoto

We watched a lot of travel videos this year to come up with these: the 12 most hilarious, moving and memorable

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Jan Morris Reveals her Favorite Cities

She fields this question in the Guardian: What is her favorite of them all?

Dear God, what a question! To my mind cities are distillations of human life itself, in all its nuances, with all its contradictions and anomalies, changing from one year to another, changing with the weather, changing with history, changing with the state of the world, changing above all in one’s own personal responses. How can I have a favourite? Sometimes I prefer one city, sometimes another. Inconstancy governs my responses to cities—fidelity in personal matters, promiscuity in civic affairs.

Morris does have a ready answer, though, when asked about her least favorite city: Indianapolis. (Via @ben_coop)

Photo You Must See: ‘Between the Crosses, Row on Row’

Photo You Must See: ‘Between the Crosses, Row on Row’ REUTERS/Luke MacGregor
REUTERS/Luke MacGregor

A Union Jack is seen among the crosses and poppies of Westminster Abbey’s Field of Remembrance. Remembrance Day services were held at the Abbey this past Sunday.

Photo You Must See: London’s Oxford Circus From Above

Photo You Must See: London’s Oxford Circus From Above REUTERS/Stefan Wermuth
REUTERS/Stefan Wermuth

Double-decker buses pass through the diagonal crossing at Oxford Circus in London. The new design was inspired by Tokyo’s Shibuya crossing.

Mapped: The U.S. Interstates, in the Style of the London Underground Map

See it in Senex Prime’s Flickr stream. (Via Coudal)

London’s Heathrow: The Worst Airport in the World?

Poor Heathrow. It’s taken the title in a passenger poll for the second year in a row. Charles de Gaulle, LAX, Frankfurt and Miami rounded out the bottom five.

Video You Must See: ‘Artificial’ in the London Underground

Paul Bryan captures the artificial atmospheric conditions of the London Underground.

Photo You Must See: Virgin Over Heathrow

Photo You Must See: Virgin Over Heathrow REUTERS/Luke MacGregor
REUTERS/Luke MacGregor

A Virgin Atlantic plane flies low over nearby houses before landing at London’s Heathrow Airport.

British Airways: Introducing the ‘Son of Concorde’

With BA’s luxury London-New York route launching this week—exactly forty years after the Concorde’s first flight—the Independent’s Simon Calder takes a closer look at the new service, and at the history of luxury and business class-only air travel.

London Bridge vs. Tower Bridge: The Twitter Smackdown!

It’s @ImLondonBridge vs. @towerbridge in the Tussle on the Thames! And @ImLondonBridge is kicking ass, spurred on by what the Telegraph calls the “tedium and pomposity” of its more photogenic rival’s tweets—@towerbridge only seems to tweet whenever it raises to let ships pass.

The Telegraph tells the whole amusing story, and shares some of its favorite taunts from @ImLondonBridge:

If you took a film of @towerbridge and speeded it up, it would look like the world’s least exciting pinball machine. Without any balls.

Hey @towerbridge. When are you going to do something again? You’re even more boring when you’re just sitting there. Yawn.

Coo-ee @towerbridge. When are you going to do your impersonation of the fourth guy from the Village People again? I simply can’t wait.

But @ImLondonBridge isn’t all taunt. It showed its softer side with its tribute to Patrick Swayze.

Three Would-Be Airliner Bombers Convicted

Three men charged with planning to bomb several trans-Atlantic flights were found guilty of conspiracy to murder in London this week. The trio was behind the August 2006 liquid-explosives plot at Heathrow that ushered in the current restrictions on liquids and gels.