Speaker’s Corner

The Buenos Aires Twitter Detox

buenos aires Photo by Valerie Conners

On a trip to the Southern Hemisphere and with a need to disconnect, Valerie Conners pledges to embrace a Twitter-free vacation

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Confessions of an Introverted Traveler

Confessions of an Introverted Traveler Photo by Sophia Dembling

Sophia Dembling has a different style of traveling, and she's tired of hiding it

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Adventure Dad

Kelsey Timmerman Photo by Annie Timmerman

Not much irks travel writer and new dad Kelsey Timmerman more than the words: "I guess your adventurin' days are over now, huh?"

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One Traveling Man’s Weak-Dollar Dating Survival Kit

With superior dentistry and monolingual charm, you too can pick up women overseas. Rolf Potts gets all Maxim magazine.

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‘Who Would Ever Want to Invite You Into Their Home?’

Ramon Stoppelenberg asked the world to let him stay for a day. The world said, "Come on over."

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Che: The Ronald McDonald of Revolution

Che: The Ronald McDonald of Revolution REUTERS/AIN/Justo Gonzalez Ortega

Rolf Potts examines the clichés of the revolutionary's admirers and detractors

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Insanity and the Traveling Life

Insanity and the Traveling Life iStockPhoto

In an essay adapted from a talk to writing students, Jeffrey Tayler makes the case for a life of mad (but not unhinged) adventures

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English Everywhere

English Everywhere REUTERS/Chaiwat Subprasom

It's the universal, global, one-size-fits-all language. Eric Lucas says it's not enough.

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World Hum’s 2008 Traveler of the Year: Matt Harding

Jim Benning celebrates the power of a dancing traveler with a video camera

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What Every Traveler Should Know About Disposable Underwear

onederwear disposable underwear Photo by Frank Murray.

Kelsey Timmerman tells all

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Subcontinental Homesick Blues

From a balcony in Sri Lanka, surrounded by AK-47-toting soldiers, Anthony Bourdain reveals why music can make a travel moment

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Vagrant Ruminations of a Compulsive Traveler

Ferris Wheel Photo by Peter Wortsman

Peter Wortsman recalls a life of travel inspiration.

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A Tourist With a Shovel and a Hoe

Kenya workers Photo by Daniela Petrova.

When she arrived in Kenya to volunteer with the Maasai, Daniela Petrova looked down her nose at tourists there to have a good time. But was her own motivation much different?

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Affairs to Remember—On-Screen and Off

From "Roman Holiday" to "Before Sunrise," Hollywood has understood the appeal of the overseas fling. Eva Holland explains the staying power of the big screen Euro-romance.

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A Journey Into ‘The Second World’

Some bureaucrats joke that they would never claim expertise about countries they had not at least flown over. In an excerpt from his new book, Parag Khanna argues that real global understanding can only come from serious travel.

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